2002-03-03......3:26 a.m.......
grow up already

i remember those days. the days where youd play and play and play in the snow until you either got so cold, you couldnt keep your balance because you couldnt feel your toes or you became so feverish you couldnt see straight anymore. snowmen all lined up in rows. laughs of joy and screams of mock terror at approaching snowballs echoed in the flakeheavy air. sleds as plentiful as kids, and hill space that burst with the hold of them all, and snow forts that your parents always said could "fall on your head and suffocate you!" but that didnt matter. no chances really did. i remember.

now chances are all ive got. all these decisions i have to make at the drop of a nickel. where to go. what to say. what to do once i have to choose. what to let go and what to let go of. what to hold onto. cant just duck and return these snowballs, even though i try sometimes.

so whats left for this fool is to pick up and grow up. never thought i would say it. grow up. but its the only way, i think, that ill ever grow at all.

so tip your hat to this promise, though i know im going to break it

im growing up, picking up, hopefully even living up

(though i secretly hope i dont make it)

wise up kid. youll live longer


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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