2002-03-13......6:01 p.m.......
coming back a bit unravelled

so i have been on tour for the past few days with Be Nicholas Be'- a rockin band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. we hit up a couple of shows in the midwest which was sweet. my head is a little dizzy from the constant brainmotion i have been keeping on track. its pretty crazy how many things can be packed into 5-6 days and it is also surprising how many things that Guitar Center will let you play with and how loud they let you turn up the speakers on the ravemixing keyboards.

well, i think i will lay this spinning ball to rest for a bit and try to absorb a nasty habit that has grown on me called Simpsonitis. i promise the next entry will be a bit less unravelled, and maybe i will be too.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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