2002-04-07......5:03 p.m.......
hello old friend.

ahh. its like coming back to an old friend. the one that always listens to what you have to say, doesnt ever interupt, and lets you make your problems, no matter how nasty or tangled they are, as eloquent as a Shakespearean sonnet. little blinking cursor and open white screen. just waiting for you to make it useful. and thats what i miss. among other things. summer. violets. old friends and lovers from these past years that i have forgotten and perhaps have forgotten me. crossing the state line with nothing but a tent and some clothes. sleeping in and waking up to the sounds of a sleepy summer breeze and birds talking about who knows what as they whip around in it.

and i am waiting for these all to come back. because i am just a weak little creature of habit. i love what i have always loved. and even now thinking about their return, makes me warm again- even in this cold april weather.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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