2002-05-14......8:57 a.m.......
a penny in the wish-you-well

i have been up for a long time now, studying a language that no one really even knows how it sounded... greek. and yet, we put some sort of eng-span-french accent on it and call it good. roll the r's, dim the t's, and make the vowels sound like they are rolling of a cultured brit's tongue.

i have been writing for a long time now, to, until so recently, what i thought was a non-audience. and yet i pour out my little soul, here, in serif font, and call it poetry. add an independant clause, don't capitalize, and try to center around some sort of organizational theme.

so maybe we arent so alienated by a screen and pixel seperation. maybe, though we dont really know the tone, we can still be touched by something we cannot touch. maybe here, as my "too small to be a musician" fingers pound the keys, someone is there. to you, i wish you well. i wish you well.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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