2002-06-06......12:30 p.m.......
when it just hits

i am really excited this morning. i just got meself an electric guitar-(because i dont know what model it is, there is a bit of debate on whether it is some hybrid SG or a Bully and i have had one comment of a possible Les Paul freak but no one really knows)all black except for the neck, sweet epiphone logo on the unusually sweet square headstock, and a couple of cool knobs.

now i can add it to my ever-growing collection of musical clutter: keyboard,, two amps, drumpad, karaoke (doubler as a 12track) machine, acoustic guitar, soon-to-be drumset, and so many cords i could tie up 20+ would-be stuff-snatchers.

but i am not particularly inspired right now. inspired to be inspired, yes! in great quantities! but no definate path of inspiration... rather like i have no definate path to put it to if and when it just hits.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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