2002-07-30......12:26 a.m.......
your eyes of green

darling. my soul craves you next to me.

but you're so farfar away, across a see of corn and wheat

baby, i'd give anything just to see

your sweet sweet sweet, sweet eyes of green

*then i have like a bunch of choruses

and i could spill promises from my lips like kisses

if i could only summon up words to say these

but when we share the same air simple words dont seem fair

to explain the gravity in your eyes of green

im gladly suspended in stillness of energy

the weight of this feeling lifts me up to breath

and id happily hang here for hours and centuries

for a few passing glances into your eyes of green

im safe when your with me im the winner or worlds

you be my angel and ill be your girl

i can cry like a child or like a siren sing

id do anything to be held in your eyes of green


well, thats all i have for now folks--- i like those lyrics though. i will have to write a bit more to finish it off, but i like how it all sounds with music and stuff. i will play it for you sometime.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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