2002-08-30......3:45 p.m.......
green green grass

it's just this thing i have with green grass. i love it. i love the color of it, makes me think of places i have never been.

i love it when it's long. so long you can barely see your bare feet when you walk around in it.

reminds me to be patient. many things are beautiful. but many beautiful things cannot stand the driving rain or the weight of a cold heavy winter.. or the weight of many many feet continually tramping it down.

i suppose i always aspired to be in a rose garden. beautiful, noble, all the class you can pack into a plant, you know? but who walks on roses? not just the carefully picked petals of weddings, i mean the actual thorny, leafy, large- budded rose. how much can they provide but asthetics. (not barring the importance of asthetics) and how many people have acres of roses, or even yards full.

no, the green green grass holds some beauty far more than even the most beautiful double-bloomed rose... a beauty that walks hand in hand with practicality. some sweet simplicity. a patience. a grow anywhere stubborness, and a still small bit of magic.

and these are the qualities i envy. but, i will be patient, because every time i walk through the back yard, it springs up again and my sad little footprints disappear.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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