2002-09-17......1:26 a.m.......
living on the lonely coast

what happens to old people who live alone on the coast? what do you buy at the grocery store? anything you want.. milano cookies.. designer soda.. OR ramen noodles and un-brand coffee?

what is a room with a view like, when you have no one to share it with? is there still beauty in the newness of sunrise? or does the sunset remind you of what you are missing... being complete. going full circle. ending as beautifully as beginning. or maybe it reminds you of lovers huddling close as they watch this fire fall off the edge of the world and die.

when you are alone, and old, and living on the east coast, do you call people? do you talk on the phone for hours with old friends or family? or do you lock the doors and leave it off the hook because you dont want to explain why you're solo... again...and again? or perhaps nobody cares to call a loney old fool.

do you only have one chair at your dining room table... or do three others sit and mock you with their emptiness? maybe you store them in the basement with pictures and hearts and old old love letters you never returned.

is it what you really wanted?


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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