2002-09-17......1:05 a.m.......
i am winding down

i am tired all of the time. i am running down like a grandfather clock. growing slow with age and dust that has gotten into me and stuck. dents and nicks and scratches in my body- a testament to expirience... a legacy of endurance. endurance and i am winding down.

i am waiting to be useful again. i am waiting to be wound. always tired, yet i sit, waiting sweetly to be found again. and i wait for you to find me. i wait for my heart to beat again with such a strength and a passion.. unlike this near stop... ever winding down.

slowly i am quieting. like a child lulled to sleep by it's own cries, i am sung to rest by my own stretches and groans and ticking-slow heart. hush, hush, say goodbye to your glory days. and my music fades to silence, and my vision fades to black. and a tiny chime sounds to wish me dreams and some far future awake.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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