2002-09-28......4:54 a.m.......
they make it look so easy

i have two people sleeping on my floor. they have been sleeping for hours, and i am still awake. everyone is sleeping for that matter. except me.

my body and my head engage in a duel to the death. my mind drags my body in circles and for miles. i guess it's a valid illness... insomnia. but it always seems to come with big thoughts. if i didnt think about such things, maybe i would sleep more. maybe i wouldnt delay the time that sits between the minute i walk through the door to the hour or two later when i get into bed. and the, often, still later when i fall asleep.

i have always somewhat appreciated my insomnia. it is always quiet,,, gives me time to think. but, i am so tired right now, sleep would be ambrosia. ahh, and they make it look so easy!


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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