2002-10-11......3:04 a.m.......
take me out of this familiar

do i sound crazy if i say i am tired? do i sound like a maniac if i admit to feeling down, admit to being the cause of my own problems, feel unsure sometimes, dont care others? some people make it seem that way.

i want to get into my car and see the ocean tommorow. but i will go to my 10:30 class.. and then on to my 12:30.. i will turn in my greek translation of 20 pages of the apologia. i wont see any coast and if i feel sand, it's because my shoes have junk in them.

nothings really wrong. i take it back. some things are wrong, but then, some things are right, and then again, some things i havent really decided on yet. i just feel the need for some air.. and not the kind you can suck from around here. i need open air.. the kind without big buildings and smell contaminates. i refuse to remember these four years as a long and arduous caging.

anyone for a roadtrip? i have an atlas.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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