2002-10-12......1:15 a.m.......
hell and high water

i want to start practicing again, but are band is still recovering from it's near drowning in a flood. yes, that's right, my band drowned in a flood a month and a half ago.. nearly. the basement we practice(d) in was punished by an overhead burst waterpipe... amongst the dead and dying: pa system, 3 amps, 10-12 pedals, cords, a Les Paul custom electric, and all the practice we put in before the tragedy. ... i am itching to make some music with a full band. i am eager to play plugged in.

hopefully, we will dry off and get going when the insurance comes through, maybe it has already, i dont really know. the radio theatre has split four ways and until we get our practice on, it looks to stay that way.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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