2002-10-13......12:55 a.m.......
a bye

i havent had a father around in a long time. i am not new at being a bastard. but now i have to face the fact that i wont ever see him again.

he is moving to texas. he says michigan ebbs the life out of him. he says he hates the weather. someone loves him in texas. he wants a light at the end of the tunnel, because living in this towne is unpleasant.

i know what he wants. where do i think i get it from? he wants to go where he can breath. he doesnt want his mistakes looking him in the eye every day.

he wants to disappear where nobody can find him. and, i love my grandfather, i do, but he isnt the one i wanted to walk me down the aisle. but who says we get what we want anyway.

hey, dad, i hope you have a good life. i hope the sun makes you happier. i hope you dont feel like you are trapped in past chains. i hope you have a reason to wake up again. but i hope that when you think of bad weather, unpleasant days, and the feeling not one thing is going right, you think of me. because i am still here. and in the winter it still snows on my car.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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