2002-10-21......11:15 p.m.......
regression 2

i am seeing stars shooting out from the corners of my eyes. dizzy, disoriented, detatched am i. alone. they say ignorance is bliss, but "they" say many things and that alone does not prove them right. i say numbness is bliss. It must be, for feeling is pain, awareness is ache, cognisance is blinding. i am living in an ethereal world (and i am an ethereal girl). i watch events hit me head on like a car crash movie. only when i begin to bleed do i realize that i am the one being ruined. i have been gutted and hung by my feet; world turned inside out and upside down. yet, here i sit, still kicking off the hands of the grave. still fighting the draw of my last breath. still hoping that someone will cut me down and sew me up. while here i yet sway, sick and dying. You're the Only one who can save me! lonliness is the affliction to which You are the cure.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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