2002-11-01......12:45 p.m.......
the melting snow drips out your eyes

today is the first day of snow. it's beautiful. now there is a purpose for all this cold. i buttoned up my coat, wrapped up my scarf and stuck out my tongue for the occasion. first snow, contrary to what was said on charlie brown's christmas, is always the best tasting. there is no hint or trace of hate in it. everyone is still excited to see it come down. there is no normalcy all wrapped up in 6 sides. the first is always the sweetest.

and the sweetness of it is only offset by the cold. the perfection is only marred by the melt. everything seems to have a black half. a side that can only degrade. such a delicate balance is easily tipped, and only the gentlest hands can keep the scale from falling. my hands are not gentle and my eyes are not patient. my voice often speaks when it is not wanted, when it is not needed. but i 'fell for the promise of a life with a purpose' (bright eyes) and i had some small hope that i would be able to do some things right.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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