2002-11-20......1:10 a.m.......
a song of a road worn traveller

moving from towne to towne
just isnt doing it anymore
i've got choirs of voices building song
echoing from shore to shore

burying pasts in absentia's graves
but the dead still arise to sing
i havent learned this hard-taught lesson
i havent learned anything

but someone loves me in texas
and i have good friends on the coast
there's a girl i once sang with in the country
and there's a boy with blue eyes that i still know

ive got coffee houses around the ocean
where the regulars know my name
but things got too familiar there
so i left shortly after i came

such familiarity scares me
because it's proved a liar so often before
if you know my name you can hurt me
so i'll only cast shadows in stranger's doors.

but someone loves me in texas
and i have a place to stay in maine
there's a blue room with a picture of me by the mirror
and a record store owner who knows my name

and maybe i'll stop blaming townes for my mistakes
yeah maybe i'll stop hating all types of weather
and maybe i'll try really hard not to hate this place
cause baby, i think i need more gravity to hold me together.

but someone loves me in texas
and there's an ocean i've never seen
but i'll try hard to forget this
vagabond's habit that i keep



...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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