2003-01-08......4:13 p.m.......
try not to fall in love

i think i am ready. i think i am ready. travelling keeps me alive, but so much! so very much! im barely off my flight from the coast and realizing that i have three days before i go back. the laundry duty will be feverish. pack then re-pack. in three days i hit the road for Maine. i will only be there for three of four days before i have to cram onto a bus and head for Concord, Mass. thankfully, the pace will slow a bit and i will be spending the remainder of the month in a cozy bed and breakfast with a thousand things to do and free tokens for my three day excursion to Boston. jealous? me too. i am jealous of myself for other people. i dont deserve to go to all of these great places anymore than the next girl/boy, but i somehow weasle my broke and in-debt self into trips of a lifetime, or at least of the year. however, not jealous enough to say no to a morning walk around Walden Pond with fresh, local coffee and an empty notebook, an afternoon alone on Cape Cod or an evening in front of the fire or a long stop in a tiny book shop in Concord. don't worry, i will try not to fall in love.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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