2003-01-28......10:33 a.m.......
while i have been in Mass.

i am back, and i have the lack of dark circles to prove it. i have never been witness to so many sunrises, and fewer times have i been outside from its coming up to it's going down. boston is cold and the ocean is ice, but the winter chill claimed little more from me than red cheeks. my feet are tired of walking boots, and my fingers are bare from writing, but i still feel like i have come back all the better for everything.

we stayed on a farm in maine for three days and i realised how rewarding shoveling sawdust could be. then we left for concord, mass. and stayed for two weeks with trips to cape cod and boston as highlights. we spent a few days on cape cod and one on cape anne, just enjoying the scene until are fingers were swollen with cold. the surf was wild and wintery, the coast was frozen and lonely. but we left the lonliness behind quickly and headed to boston where we spent three days surrounded by life in a big city. i could see myself taking off one day and living there. getting a job at brattle books and just seeing what life has to offer a girl like me. but i'll stay, for now, everyone knows i will.

so, now, i am back to the 'real world' of college and such. already my schedule's filling up... luncheon at twelve, errands, pick up my car, unpack-wash-repack for interim break, and so on. i hope to put some pictures from the trip up sometime soon, but i am quite poor and can't pay for developing, guess i just bought too many used books.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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