2003-02-20......1:53 a.m.......
flashes a golden wink

john and i went around taking pictures today. it was sunny and blue skied, which is so very rare for february. the icicles were all melting and dripping and re-forming on lower objects, the water all sparkling as it fell down and down again. little puddles gathered in every depression in the pathways, every crack in the cement, and the spaces between the pebbles- some little mirrors of crystal and others brown and muddy like spring rivers.

we always seem to get a teaser thaw. silly michigan weather always throws us a trick in february, letting the mercury rise to a balmy 40 and drawing all of the kids out to play. we talked about it in History 152, we cant wait to frolic in the sun! but then again, we are all almost desperate to do it while we can, because, almost assuredly, as soon as we fall in love with the weather it will and must change. fickle lover, wont allow itself to be jilted. but, at least for tommorow and beautiful today, heaven flashes a golden wink.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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