2003-03-02......1:25 a.m.......
destination- travel hiatus

ok. i am back for a while. i have enough time to put down little roots and rest at bit. i have no money, no food (my meal card is lost and i cant afford new until friday), and lots of homework to catch up on... but i feel the better for my trips.

i feel the carribean sun still on my back, and on my legs and arms and face, quite painfully. i look like a strawberry. i still smell the salt of cape cod on my blue wool coat and the bits of seaglass on my shelf prove im not just imagining it. my car has miles and miles on it. my frequent flyer account is brimming wil 1 1/2 free tickets. my hands are still calloused from farm work in maine, and taste of a real farm cooked breakfast is not far from my head. pictures from the mini-tour are back anyday, and i still feel the extra weight of john's mom's flank steaks in my stomach.

it's not easy being gone gone gone, but it's a lot harder to stay still.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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