2003-03-02......11:16 p.m.......
The argument and the resulting struggle

My back is arching.
I am in withdrawl.
You kept me so strung out.
But you donít come round here

This pain is starting
To make me feel small
And tossed about
Like it did last year
And the years before

And in the middle of the sea
Thereís nothing on all sides
Like the way you left me
With nothing to hide behind

So raise the glass and lift the drink
To drive your devil away
I will forget! I wont even think
Of dreams during the day

Iíll let the sun burn my skin red
Iíll change my whole reflection
Until to my old mirror I am dead
Just like an old affection

And in such parting
Or not at all
Iíll let you drain out
Until I hear
You speak no more.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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