2003-03-09......10:47 a.m.......
all nice and movie

It was all nice and movie how it happened. The tulle and satin of my dress swished as I walked down the stairs. A piano player was playing Billy Joel, slow and sad. I sat down at the bar, ordered a drink, watched the ocean go darkly by out the window. You seemed so happy, but still I sat and looked and looked for you, for anything… but nothing came but my own reflection on the bottom of the empty glass. Men in bowties and women in sequins passed by as they bustled off to do, I don’t know, whatever they do. I stayed. Felt like being in a box, blind… one keeps running into the sides. the people to the left just about died laughing, the man with the cumber bun puffed silently away at a short Cuban cigar, the younger lady with the floor length blond hair and her companion talked with heads close together and smiled. They were all such interesting people. Yet, as I sat there, I could find no distraction in any of it. Hours and miles passed before I could keep my knees enough to walk back to my cabin.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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