2003-03-17......11:44 p.m.......
drive and drive

i am sitting at home. my home home. wearing a black wig, and using my mom's computer. i am on spring break, and, surprise, i am not going anywhere. my travel spurt has died out, i guess. no more rediculous road trips... no more spendable (or otherwise for that matter) money.

which is very sad because it is so lovely nice outside, and days like this demand me to drive somewhere with the windows down and the music up. i want to drive in the country. i want to see big oak trees lining the road and making frame to hayfields, and those great old red barns that really do exist, and sometimes even have murals! i just want to jump into a creek or a fishin hole and dry off in the country summer afternoon, climb a tree and watch cars pass, but most of all, drive and drive and drive down long country roads and listen to every cd and mixtape i own with the windows open and my left arm hanging out. ladies and gentlemen... i want a trucker's tan. let's drive somewhere this week, i'll return my soda cans. takers?


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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