2003-03-18......5:32 p.m.......
roll of sequined fury

i went to the fabric store on chicago drive today. i love the fabric store. it's so old lady, it's so shut-in. there are endless possibilities of bad outfits and bellbottoms, sequined patterns and a million different typed of faux fur are spread all over tables and racks. aisles taller than me tower heavily with different polar fleeces and heavy felts- it's blanket season for old women and their needles.

i can just imagine all the children on christmas, tearing into their presents with rapture, hoping for Yu Gi Oh cards and Spongebob dvds, and finding a blanket with a repeating polar bear/pine tree pattern, or worse yet, moose and mountain, their grandmothers smiling and planning hearts and cupids for valentines day.

a good fabric store is an amazing thing to spark creativity, be it good or bad. but i will admit to having a nice floral remnant stuffed behind a gaudy roll of sequined fury and plans to return after payday to purchase a half yard of some great red leather. but, like most things i sew, i will probably end up failing or losing interest and buying the thing from the store. oh well, these next few years will be my practice years, before i hit 'old lady' and start making blankets again.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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