2003-03-26......6:10 p.m.......
like all bad and good things must

it's a soft hymn, to that is raised
the bloody standard of warring hearts
regretfully armed against eachother

such proud warrriors they make
being once one,
but suffered by break
and each holds tight it's allegiance
and thus, fight without apologies

and time will make new ones,
break by break
given piece by given piece
and stolen piece by stolen piece
more enemies are made

banners bear name and date and face
riders on horses with heavy hooves
who take their head if you give them reign.
i took my head when we let the reigns go loose.

inside my chest the war drums sound
disguised by heart beats and footsteps
as i force myself to walk away
from what's been what is for a good year now.

but each year ends in a day
all that time closes up
like a sore throat from singing too much
like a fire burns down into dust
like all bad and good things must.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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