2003-04-05......2:21 a.m.......
glad we are alive.

i saw the tree come down 3 seconds before we hit it. it came down in one, so so slowly, bounced on two, shaking off ice and branches, sparkled in my headlights on three, eerily beautiful, smashed into my windshield on four, as i swerved across the dark road at 55mph. it looked like someone dropped a pretty glass christmas ornament as the branches shattered on the front of my car, and i swear it was all in slow motion as i skittered to a stop fifty yards away.

no one screamed, no one moved, we just sat in the car looking out the back window as the car behind us hit the trunk, lying thick across both lanes, head on and spun into the median. three or four other cars followed suit, hitting the thinner branches in the left lane and coming to various hazard-light blinking stops along the road. no other lights, the power was already out. the boys quickly jumped out and joined others in breaking off branches and trying to pull the uprooted tree out of the road... but, being that it was an uprooted tree, only succeeding in breaking it to one lane instead of both. lia and i soon got out of the car and joined the mess. the music for the work was the sounds of branches and trees creaking and breaking like dry twigs, huge trees and branches thicker than my waist.

back at school, the tune was no different. all over campus, trees which had become too heavy with april ice lay uprooted or stripped of branches, all those promising spring leaf buds were thick on the path. i am glad we are alive.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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