2003-04-07......9:33 p.m.......
a tables miles wide

the thin veneer of your recurring dream
is pulling aside again
letting the sunlight in

liquored up when i wake up
just so i can face up to this
just so i can fake it

these tired hands lifted
honestly, no rings to pretend
im better than i am
broken fingers reaching up for higher things
just so i can wake up
just so i can take up my lonliness again.

stare across a table
miles and miles wide
is that a sneer or a smile
wont you wait a while?
(a minute longer)

and just try to look me in the eyes
and swear there's nothing for you (left)

an idle tune comes from your eyes
becoming tumult in mine
keeping the time
tap my hands to keep a heartbeat
just to keep me breathing
just to keep me screaming

walk across a highway
dodging speeding cars
slowly getting farther
away from safety on both sides
where in the grass and trees you hide
waiting to be found by my eyes
so softly crying.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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