2003-06-03......11:39 a.m.......
soon soon, summer summer

summer is back and things are starting to thaw, for real this time. things have gone green again, and the lake in our backyard is brown and lazy. it's time to take minds off books and powerpoint, and classes and refocus on the less complicated things around. group presentations are abandoned in favor of feeding geese Kix off the deck. studying now refers to watching the backyard for "evil" the snapping turtle. and music class takes on a whole new face when it's just me playing guitar in the mornings after breakfast.

the road is starting to look more and more appealing.. more and more lovely and welcoming. my tent in the garage is more and more obvious everytime i pass it. everytime i exit off the highway, i catch myself looking ahead before i turn off, remembering what is past the next 100 miles, the next 300 miles... and so on. remembering how i always stop for gas at Jewel Osco in Joliet, how i like to stop on the Red Arrow Highway and grab a McFlurry, or an orange drink, oh oh, and seeing Krazy Kaplan's Fireworks outlet... or at least about 140 billboards. soon soon, summer summer.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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