2003-07-12......12:44 a.m.......
like what you see is what i am

long hair and bits of grass in it. i raise my head off of the ground and smile. but it's vain to wonder if you think im pretty. darling, it's pride to laugh and turn my head shyly, like what you see is all i have. only if you sliced me open.

light cotton with floral print, blue jeans rolled twice, flip-flop sandals that barely stay on my small feet. i take little skips with my steps, and i wonder if you adore it. i fiddle with the straps on my canvas bag and hope someone finds it sweet. like what you see is what you get. only if i kept my mouth shut.

chased around with a water gun, or lightening bug thrown on my shirt, daddy long legs on my foot, i squeak out surprise, not because im trying, but because my voice is high. but then i wonder if you smiled at the sound of it. laugh and clasp my hands together at the prospect. but it's conceit to hope you think im wonderful. like what you see is what i am.. only if you look away.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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