2003-07-14......10:58 p.m.......
screaming "love me, love me!"

arent we all just screaming "love me, love me!" with every breath? with every little flick of tonge and teeth to words and sounds and singing, doesn't therein echo that one refrain? i have seen nothing else with my two eyes; i have heard nothing else with my two ears. even in the silence, even in the crowd, the plea to all around rings out. "be mine, care! let me be yours, let me mean something to someone, anywhere." we all feel entitled, deserving of affection from the warm bodies that surround us. a cheek pressed on a cheek somewhere. a smile. an arm wrapped around a waist. even just a simple "hello". how many many things exist to covet, and how many many people exist to covet them. how is it one can hoard so many, while others hold out empty hands. and if we're all just screaming, "love me, love me!" why do we contest for volume? what if i kept still?


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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