2003-07-20......10:11 p.m.......
so high

the more i have the more i want; i just cant get enough. a fix, an hour or two, or six, but then gone again. it's the fit that im so addicted to, how there's something there between us two, and who would have thought that this would end up leaving me so strung out. leaving me out in the open and afraid of being seen. afraid because you mean something to me. years back and now we're here, in forth, we're here on different sides of the table. i'd tell you this, if i was able, but it's not within any stable orthodoxy. the circumstances being so strange and all. the oddity of how cards fall and the luck of the draw and the bet and the bluff. but i cant get enough. it's some static spark that i feel in the base of my neck when timing or wires bring us in wrecked all together in the same bit of space of sound. i have to be careful around you.. you get me high, and i tend to jump.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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