2003-07-31......10:37 p.m.......
whatever whatever

id keep you like a coin collection safe inside a treasure chest. id adore you like an angel does the sea. and if you feared a thing, my dear, id promise you i loved you best, and swear to right and left what i say i mean.

and if design would draw affection and chance would draw the card, id adore you like a tea tree does the sun. and if one morning we woke up, tangled in eachothers' arms, id stay caught up and never think to run.

id hold you like the summer holds the colors green and blue. id adore you like a bird adores the sky. and i wouldnt let you go as all the seasons tumbled through, as long as i could see faith in your eyes. whatever whatever whatever whatev.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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