2003-08-12......2:41 p.m.......
send out for the cure

to heal or to infect, to break or to mend, your hands are the medicine. (but im immune) there's a serum in your veins and behind your quiet tongue, but the virus is strong and it's already won.

Oh my dear, send for the doctor, send out for him quickly. im dying and i cant keep it in. Oh, there has to be something in a black bag somewhere that can help each breath to not feel like a sin.

to save or to steal, to keep or to kill. your words travel on their own will. there's a library of melody and an envelope addressed to me, but ive lost the tune and dropped the key again.

Oh my dear send for the fortune teller, send out for him quickly. im fading like a morning and a dream. there has to be something in a crystal ball somewhere, to prove that i am more than just a scream (but im just a scream

and tell them run, oh tell them run! im perched on a wire like a crow. oh tell them fly. oh tell them fly! because i cant im weak and i am letting go.

oh my dear call out for anybody peddling a cure for the questions that are eating me so thin. a cure or a surgery to cut these notes right out of me and sew me up and fill me full again.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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