2003-08-29......3:26 a.m.......
if it's predictable

if it's predictable then, child, it isnt love. it isnt anything but textbook if you know the next line. there is nothing to be taught, no trick to be learned, there is no method, no strategy. experience can only provide presidence, but it's not the crystal ball they make it out to be. caution can only provide time, but not inevitability, it's not the golden fleece it's said to be. everyone has a song about it, some have volumes, some just a tune, but no one has ever written the same one twice. we can chorus, oh yes, in multitudes, but the solo is, as always, a one-man show. advice can save pieces, and a stitch in time saves nine, but unless patchwork is your style, neither do much good. so we wear rags and paupers names, we have all had our bets called and there are few who havent gone double or nothing. fewer who didnt go all in. if it's predictable, child, your selling short. what's romance without all the fucking drama.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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