2003-09-01......3:31 a.m.......
so off and so on

there's nothing wrong, life is so great. who am i to have the nerve to complain. nothing's perfect, but all can change, and things have been on the upswing these days. it's summer for six more days. and i'll spend it a thousand ways, because it's a currency only three months ever come by. it's a commodity that withers when the sun dies.

there's nothing for me here to hate, nothing ripping me up, nothing keeping me late, nothing that causes great tears to roll down like rain. i wont be vain; my life is not silver screen. im not an actress by any means, and neither are these words lines or feeds from teleprompters or scripted scenes.

so maybe i was used, who cares, i've been adored. or maybe i was loud when i should have kept still. or maybe i abused little when i could have had more. but im not going to worry. at least i dont think i will. im not killing the switch, not hiding where ive gone. it's just hard to burn so off and so on.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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