2003-09-17......10:26 a.m.......
in pieces of love and literature

is it the affection that leads to ruin, or perhaps only kisses kill. there's poison in my mouth like water. there's acid underneath my skin. in words i write, there's nothing harmed, but in life i live, there's nothing saved. i shine for only a moment, and then fade. im novelty, i suppose, and i wear off quickly, out of sight out of mind. i've been unkind, but i have also given all. i've talked too much, but i've only spoken truth. and lies. it would be another not to include them.

and now, despite the give and all the take, ive got no more than i started with. like a treadmill, all this exertion and ive not moved from my place. i am only tired and sore and in need of rest. i guess that's the grand illusion of giving yourself away, even in small pieces of love and literature. im not a library, im a garage sale.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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