2003-10-19......4:36 p.m.......
burst again with red

packed gently, sweetly by the feet
in the snow and earth so cold
it's solid at the ankles, ice at the toes,
thank God the feeling eventually goes (away)

in the middle of the pole she waits
looking always to the south
frozen tears on frozen face
frozen words in frozen mouth

but like air through trees or breath on flute
the wind that swirls across her lips
gives siren song to throat so mute
she calls out to the passing ships

in melisma, in clearest tones
she begs for passage to the sun
somewhere past the ice and snow
anywhere with anyone

where the frost cant follow like regret
and scar the skin so white and dead
where it's possible for a heart to melt
and learn to burst once more with red.

oh hold me hold me hold me close
let me feel life underneath your skin
and in such posture learn to love
thus learn to live, again.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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