2003-11-10......11:14 a.m.......

slow, through the gauze of a headache, i traced your lips through the picture frame, and though i could barely focus on the shape, i smiled at the blur of your face. your face, your face, a warm cheek, lips built to sing, eyes that kill pretense with such honesty, hair falling across your forehead with the motion of creation and notes move your fingers in the stillframe. rolling over and i half expected you to be there.. i couldnt know you were not if i didnt open my eyes. so i didnt open my eyes. the mind can cross miles like inches of matress and sheets. and so easily and sweetly you were here on this side of telephone wires and flat black and whites. and so easy it was, then, to fall back asleep.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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