2003-11-27......7:29 p.m.......
as i can for now

there is only so much that words can do to break down distance. words arent warm like hands, they cant hold you close. they are no substitute for a stomach to lay your head on when you're tired, for a cheek to press your own against when it's cold. they cant brush the hair from your eyes or trace shapes onto your skin. the sweetness is thin.

oh, how they prophesy, oh how they sing! oh how the letters and sounds can work their way beyond ribs, push past lungs and touch red hearts and things even deeper than touch could ever go. there is a beauty in sonnet, timbre in rhyme. a smile in the way you arrange characters and lines. romance over wires and sattellite waves. but the flesh also craves.

just one touch, just the time to hold you near and speak those words directly to ear, without so many miles or pretty machines between us. the comfort of closeness. your face in the morning. your hand for the drive. warmth to form, breath to life. you know i would if i could, but i cant, so in what small way i can hold you with speech, with letter, with type, with whatever that reaches those thousands of miles, the stretch of address, it's all i can do to try to love you as best

as i can for now


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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