2003-12-07......6:10 p.m.......
at least i died feeling

the cameras in your eyes, i knew they were watching me
and every look, snapshot saved to memory

i remember your voice, such a pretty machine
as it sang from your throat and circuitry.

it's a wonder that underneath your skin is so cold.
it's a wonder you'll never let me know
it's a wonder you'll never let me know

you'd turn the dials up on the radio
and in the volume of sound, i'd listen for your monotone

and with every part of you, you'd hum the drone
a lovelier choir production's never known.

oh you angel with wings cut out of tin
oh you angel, what heaven are you in?
oh angel, to hope can be a sin.

and underneath the silicone, you're barely held together
you must have realised the charade couldnt last forever

but still you stayed wrapped inside your skin
and blood coroded the alloys within

and in your last sparks and mimicry of breath
you were feeling! but the name of it was death
the way life happens, sometimes that's all the feeling we get.

but it feels
so real


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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