2004-02-24......4:32 p.m.......
we arent falling apart

oh, there's nothing like a good tale of heartache to warm a conversation up, nothing like a fight in the parking lot to bring the neighborhood together, gathered round their windows, lifting up just on slat in the blinds. there's nothing more interesting than troubles not our own, and nothing we follow with such sagacious devotion. and there are the stories, blaring from radios and television sets, pasted so candidly on the front of "US" magazine, all begging for our attention.

the footage with tears is the footage we'll air, unless of course, we've got some of sex. and if we arent lucky to come by such a treasure, a scene of indulgence in any sort of pleasure will do. just as long as it assures us we arent falling apart. as long as it makes good topic to dine out on.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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