2004-07-17......11:09 p.m.......
sweat-soaked skin, summer summer

it's one of those summer days when the heat gets in the house and stays between the walls long after the sun's gone, when the best and most strategic placement of boxfans does nothing well enough to get it out. the only sound is the constant whirring of the fan blades and the tapping of my red fingernails on the keyboard. whatever furniture i set against my skin absorbes the heat radiating from my sweat-soaked body and recycles it back two-fold. my hair is long and lank, all weighted down by the rainforest canopy of moisture in the air and sticking in strands to my neck and cheeks and all the way down my back.

what skin is trapped by light cotton and lace is itching for freedom or a good swim in the public pool down the street. the big pitcher of kool-aid is already gone and i have to wait for a chance quarter to be dropped on the sidewalk or found in the couch before i can get more.

these are the summer days i remember each year.. the ones that suck the life out of you. slowly. from the minute you wake up on sweat-soaked sheets to the time you go to bed on them.days when the skin of lovers comes together and peels apart like wet cotton. the stickiness of the day holds it together.

another summer and we're wilting in the heat. there will be no climbing of trees, no late nights screaming in the streets, no scandal, just good work, good music, and spending as many of the longs hours as possible underground in the cool michigan basement underneath the oven that is the wood and walls of the rest of the house.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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