2004-08-01......1:19 p.m.......
all carbon and sludge.

when we all live in fallout shelters with flourescent white lights as our sun, stars, and moon, so delicately bolted to a great grey sheet metal sky, perhaps then we will consider the consequences- those of past action and current condition, yes, but a step in the right direction at least. perhaps when green grass and trees are all charcoal and sludge, we will have wished we had taken the advice of those simpler people who dont need college degrees to know that revenge is a more common action than the turning of a second cheek.

we have made ourselves into a perverted christ of all nations- killing the dark and spotted sheep, as they all are, in the flock; darkening the fleece of any who dare question motive, method, or means. our "justice". perhaps when families by the thousands are melted down to water and carbon at church, in line at the grocery, or at that sacred shrine of a dinner table, we will admit we are capable of error.

but until then, we march so righteously on- our manifest destiny now extending until the east meets the west.. our campaign only ending when conquering army meets conquering army marching in opposite direction.. thanking god for a round earth. we will impose our values and liberate the nations to be bound by them, what generosity have we.. we will travel on, guns barrels blazing glory and favor.

perhaps there's still time and grace and chance for us to mend our ways, or more likely, we will blow ourselves to hell.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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