2004-09-23......12:32 a.m.......
the way you move at night

it's all i can imagine, one scene plays over in my head. how your face looked. did you kiss her? could the next room hear the rhythm? how you spoke. was it softly? if you even spoke at all. did you undress slowly, sweetly? or just let the clothing fall? did you stay there for awhile underneath the sweaty sheets? or did you stumble out the door at the thought of me asleep? did she pull you close to her and was your skin warm to the touch? did you think about me then? do you think about her much?

i tried to guard your soft skin and the sounds your tired throat sighs. the landscape of your back, or the way you move at night. oh how i wanted to keep your secret only myself.

but the secret is out now.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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