2004-10-31......1:47 p.m.......
the pattern of random design

there is a movement in want. the motion of desire. the beat behind the tone. the way my knitting needles click. the soft thump of a finished record still revolving. television white noise. fingers uncurling in the morning. the intake of air through wet lungs.

the universal attraction of bodies and how they revolve keeps us near. the change of the seasons keeps us here. it's the way winter makes wool feel softer. it's the way warm skin feels through cotton. desire is the need for the next step. im curling in on myself.

pearl earrings. black scarves. grey hair in the mirror in the morning. i'd do anything for you. i did everything for you. quiet hallways. coffee purcolating. birds out the window singing in bare trees. im looking for the patterns in everything. im looking at the patterns in anything.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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