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three verses for October

three verses for october

1. As a boy he was born at the end of the season
when the leaves begun to turn gold and red.
and into doctors' hands he was safely delivered
with a crown of dark hair on his head.
the nurses said it would fall out
but he kept it as long as his mother would let him
and longer when he turned 18
He married a girl in the heat of the summer
oh, her hair it was gold that an angel had spun her
he barely dared touch her.

2. I picked up a picture of a passed-away preacher
the unfortunate reverend had been crushed by a Chevrolet.
I can't help but wonder what kind of gospel
he preached to his people so reverent on Sunday
and what he believed for that half of a second
before the chrome bumper kissed him on the mouth.

3. I was young, I was young, please forgive me that sin
I gave up my ghost to start living again.
Oh, only where death and living make love
can be begin to believe in a Father and Son.
I ask for the answer through six storeys of brick
why my brother is dying barely into double digits.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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