2006-09-10......12:37 a.m.......
I loved you, I loved you

All of my friends are now buying property.
I've gone to their weddings, I've lifted their babies
up to my lips and kissed them with whispers.
"I once loved your mother, I once loved your father.
You will open the world to the arms of another."

The tissue paper hearts of those I have known,
lovers and friends, houses to homes
where we once, beneath blankets, redeemed our own souls.
glory, hallelujah, above, and below.

You believed anything that had a great story
I kissed you just seven times in our wide biography
And under the long spreading branches of oak trees
you pulled me by my sweatered arm to your side

My friends, oh my friends, I now know you by pictures
on personalized Christmas cards printed at Walmart.
Remember when we spun circles on sand dunes
and sung at the top of our lungs to the radio...

Oh, these cities are magnets, we're held to our own.
Roots burst from our feet and cling to the ground
The frost freezes over. The children grow old.
The mortgage gets paid off. The suburbs expand.
oh I loved you, I loved you, I love you my friends.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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