2006-10-11......9:50 a.m.......
your blood did the work

you were sleeping while your blood did all the work
tore your tissues, carried them away through arms and legs
while you lay dreaming with your head on a red pillow case
unaware of the riot in your veins

I wanted to wrap you in a blanket and stroke your hair
as if it would detoxify the years your body poisoned
to pull the IVs carefully from your arms for some
great miracle to take their pointed place.

everyone in a white coat is in line to tell you the news
to hand you slips of paper with words you've never heard
every day your phone rings with another diagnosis
a line of treatment, a regimin, a cocktail
but where's the fucking cure.

where are you all going, my friends, my family
in rooms of surgery, they spread your bones
and pull back soft tissue to expose the burning red
of a heart, a pink lung, the liver in its folded burgandy

you are bathed in white lights, so sterile florescent
your eyes are closed, mouth full of snaking tubes
a metal probe feels for some solid thing to explain
why any day now, you may not meet me in the morning


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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