2006-10-13......12:09 p.m.......
the lions will not harm a hair

We'll lay our heads down, like lambs.
The lions will not harm a hair.
They will purr like winter furnaces
and we will fall asleep beneath golden manes.

We will put our guns down, in the streets.
The men with the shovels will bury them
in clean ground that army will sleep
and we'll throw a parade to celebrate the end of the war.

Women and children will throw flowers.
People will stop dying of cancer.
We'll all own two-story houses in the suburbs.
Jesus will run for our president, and win.

We'll throw our history books into the fire.
We'll carve out the frontier of the future
with a rib from the new race of Adam.
The perfection of progress will kill us and raise us again.

All lovers will marry each other.
No child will ever go hungry.
We'll all own a sedan and a sports car.
And we'll be so happy, so happy, so lucky to be.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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