2006-11-27......9:15 p.m.......
the exodus

I'm sorry abraham, i've killed you
I didn't mean it, I couldn't see it
you were put to trial
you were found guilty, you were found guilty

you warned me of your weak heart
i told you it would still beat
i was selfish, i was powerful
you believed me

you said you loved me, completely
i dodged the question, it would be better
our children were so beautiful
they trusted you implicitly

you took a kitchen knife
in hopes of heaven
and while you slowly died
you prayed to live

"what have i done?
oh, god, what have i done?
What were my mistakes
that i am forgotten?"

i heard you through the bedroom door
i couldn't tell you, i wouldn't help you
happiness is a promise
and i failed you, i failed you


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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